Hello friends, my name is Vanessa (also called V, Ness(a) and Lou by a few). I plan to share doses of my journey as a first time expecting mama while including my family’s adventures and my love for food, travel and photography!

A dose about me: I am married to my high school sweetheart named Albi (15 years together, married for 3 years). We are both from a small town in East Texas called Lufkin. After we graduated from college (6 years ago) we decided to pack our things and our dog Watson (not literally of course) and move to la la land…

Since then, we’ve relocated to The Valley, where there’s waaaay more parking and great food! Also, I opened an Etsy vintage clothing called TwentyEightyCloset. And now I’m 32 weeksย pregnant with my baby girl Liviana!!

I’m so glad that you’re here and hope you will follow along on my journey as I learn about motherhood. I’d love for you to share any advice, fun tips and recipes. Life is beautiful!



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