flanagan winery | march 2016

We decided to drove up to Sonoma Valley and San Francisco for the weekend to visit our friends and meet their beaus. We stayed on a vineyard in an adorable farmhouse. And we got to see places and do things that we could check off our bucket list. Also, I must mention that I took a pregnancy test a week before this trip and it was negative. I wanted to make sure it was okay to drink all the wine my heart desired.

san francisco | march 2016

Fast forward to Monday, March 28th. I woke up feeling odd…my breast were a bit tender and swollen and my period was a few days late. So, I decided what the heck, I’ll just take a test. I dipped the test strip in my urine andΒ hopped into the shower. After my shower, I dried off my face and immediately noticed those two red lines, I didn’t even have my contacts on yet. I can remember thinking, “No way!…whaaaaaaat?? Should I tell Albi now or later when it’s confirmed with a doctor? Screw it! He should know now, but he’s still sleeping…should I wake him…Albi! Albi! I’m pregnant!! There are two lines this time!!”

He wanted to know if I took the right test and if I did it correctly. So, I took two more and they were positive!! I went to the bedroom and we hugged, kissed and smiled at each other after the news. We couldn’t believe it. I scheduled an appointment at the clinic. The day of the appointment I had to take two pregnancy test, because they both came back negative…my heart sank. But, we both knew that I was pregnant because I took a test at home before the appointment and it was positive…

So, I make another appointment, but with my gyno and ask for a blood test. When I get there they question my reasoning for a blood test. They suggest I take a regular pregnancy test first. After the the test I go back to the waiting room. Then the nurse calls my name and ask why I wanted a blood test? I tell her my reason and she replies, “Well, there is no need for a blood test. The tech probably didn’t know what he was doing or the strips were old in that department, because you’re pregnant!” I was over the moon with joy and text Albi πŸ™‚

I wanted to be mad…how could someone be employed in the medical field be so incompetent? But, I brushed it off because I was too happy.



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