11 weeks pregnant | may 2016


During the first trimester my husband and I (and a few others) thought we were going to have a boy. We did the old wives tale to determine the gender: the ring over the belly (that was a flop). and I based my symptoms off of other moms I knew that had boys. Then on July 6th we saw the results, it’s a girl! We both started crying, it was the first time we cried at the doctor’s office since we found out we were pregnant.

first trimester

my symptoms:

  • nausea
  • increased appetite (when i wasn’t nauseous)
  • cramping in lower abdomen
  • slight fatigue
  • trouble falling asleep
  • strange dreams (which i still have)
  • random crying episodes (usually while listening to music)
  • shortness of breath
  • weird after taste in mouth when eating dairy

my cravings: mostly consisted of items that I enjoyed when I was a child.

  • corn dogs with mustard
  • anything sour or contained lemon
  • mint chocolate chip ice cream
  • oriental flavored ramen with egg and spinach (i added the spinach bc of guilt)
  • chicken tenders or nuggets
  • chick-fil-a
  • grapefruit
  • lemonade
  • fruit popsicles
  • strawberry poptarts
  • hamburger and sweet potato fries

I do not like feeling nauseous but, luckily I puked only once during this pregnancy…fingers crossed. My normal eating habits were thrown off quite a bit. But,I had to eat something…so, I gave in to my cravings. I think that I did pretty good, at least I didn’t cave and make frank and beans or a chili-cheese dog…but, I will admit (even though i feel awful about it) I had McDonalds and Taco Bell more than once (shame). It was so crazy, salads (which are my favorite) sounded awful to me.

Thankfully, I am back to my old eating habits but, there is the occasional day when I end up with a junk item. My midwife had me keep a food log. After hearing her read the results out loud, it made me really think about what I was putting in my body. Her main suggestion was, “If it’s not food, don’t eat it.” Which also means, try to stay away from anything processed…


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