Exercise has been a subject that’s always in the back of my mind even pre-pregnancy. But, i’m not hard on myself if I skip a workout, especially now if I feel tired. My husband and I do have a gym membership, it’s not at one of those fancy gyms with a pool (which would be nice for my back). It’s your basic gym with classes, workout benches and machines. I like our gym mainly because the membership is reasonably priced. We pay for a year membership what most people would pay in a month!

Anyways, when it comes to exercise it has to be fun for me. If I don’t enjoy it then I am most likely not going to stick with it. My favorites that I’ve found over the years are yoga and spinning. I finally got my butt to a spin class yesterday. I hadn’t gone since I was probably 14 weeks pregnant. But, my awesome husband keeps reminding me that I need to exercise more because it will help during labor. And he’s definitely right, even after baby my body will thank me.

Remember I’m not a doctor, but my midwife and obstetrician gave the the go-ahead to continue working out. They said that if I was doing it pre-pregnancy then it’s totally okay to continue doing the same thing, but in moderation and to listen to your body. So, if you are concerned, I suggest checking-in with your healthcare provider first.

Every morning I do some yoga stretches, which really help my lower back pain. You can check out the image above for the stretches I do in theย mornings. Also, if I have some extra time before work I’ll join my Albi and Watson on a morning walk. While at workIi am mindful to stretch and walk around to prevent blood clots and spider veins.



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