30 weeks | september 2016

I am now 30 weeks pregnant and have to say that I’ve been truly blessed with a smooth pregnancy so far. Most moments I even forget I’m pregnant until i feel Liviana move, walk past a mirror, stand-up or have to roll out of bed in the middle of the night. Though not everything has been so gravy…shaving has been the most difficult task for me. I’m sure you mamas can relate? Then there’s trying to bend or reach for things that will leave me feeling short of breath and a bit exhausted…

Anyways, last Monday I had my 3rd trimester scan to check Liviana’s growth and my placenta placement. Baby girl weighs 2 1/2 pounds. While mama weighed in at 124 lbs, putting my total weight gain at 24 pounds so far. I’m averaging about 1/2-1 pound a week. Also, I am good-to-go for a vaginal delivery!

Also, I thought I’d share my morning routine with y’all. Reason being is I believe that the way we start our day determines how we choose to go about the rest of our day. Do you wake up frantic, rush through your mornings and even skip breakfast? Or do you give yourself time to wake-up with ease, soak in the morning light and enjoy a nice meditation and possibly thank god and the universe for all the blessings in your life? Well, i don’t know about you, but I definitely rather choose option two. We should all strive to be the best version of ourselves each day, even if we take baby steps…

  1. I normally wake-up around 7:00am
  2. Meditate for 20-30 minutes
  3. Get some morning snuggles from my hubby, our dog Watson and talk to Liviana inside the bump ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Light stretches in bed: ankle rolls, neck rolls, cat cow pose
  5. Walk outside to the back patio and do a few yoga stretches and deep breathing. It’s great for your circulation and waking up your body in the morning. Also, if you plan to have a vaginal birth yoga is great for helping your baby get a good position for labor. Especially the cat cow stretch. If you aren’t able to attend a prenatal yoga class. I suggest searching a few videos on YouTube.
  6. Make breakfast, which usually consist of either avocado toast, peanut butter and banana toast (both topped with sliced almonds) or rolled oats with nuts, brown sugar, almond milk, and cinnamon. I looove me someย cinnamon, it’s my secret ingredient in almost everything! I’ll even add it to my morning coffee, thanks to my mother-in-law. Yes, I enjoy a small cup of coffee some mornings. But, I’ll probably ease off a bit, it’s starting to give me indigestion.
  7. Then I’ll sit down and enjoy my breakfast and morning chats with my husband. I love our mornings together, we both will read our daily affirmations and check-in with our schedules for the day.
  8. Around 9:00 I’ll start getting dressed for work and pack a lunch.
  9. Then by 9:30 I’m saying my ‘Love Yous and Have a Wonderful Day’ all topped with a few kisses!


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