30 weeks pregnant | september 2016

We decided to change our plans and order dinner because Albi’s 30th birthday weekend wore us out! I ordered dinner using the UberEats app while laying on the couch enjoying snuggles from Watson as he napped. I don’t about you, but I’m not too keen into having many apps on my phone. If I haven’t used a particular app in month, it gets the boot. so, with that said I’d like to share three useful and user-friendly apps that I’ve found to be helpful during my pregnancy.

  • The BumpΒ – This was the first pregnancy app that I downloaded to my phone when I found out I was pregnant. It’s great for getting pregnancy information, baby advice and parenting tips. You can also create a baby registry or link other registries you created to your bump account, I linked my Amazon baby registry.
  • AmazonΒ – I absolutely love Amazon, especially Prime! As I mentioned above, I created my baby registry through them. Mainly because we had our shower back in Texas and I thought it would be easier to have gifts shipped for free! Plus, you can send electronic ‘Thank You’ cards when someone purchases from your registry. Gotta save the trees y’all!
  • UberEatsΒ – Now this app is a lifesaver! It comes in handy for those days when you just don’t feel up to cooking or leaving the comfort of your couch while your pregnant, it’s a tough life y’all…I suggest that if you do give it a try, use this coupon code [eats-vanessas9840ue] and receive $15 off your first order, score!


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