source: http://soupbelly.com/2010/06/17/super-easy-zucchini-pancakes/
source: http://soupbelly.com/2010/06/17/super-easy-zucchini-pancakes/

I love the weekends because naturally I am a homebody. Even though I enjoy being home, cooking, lounging, spending my time with my husband and our dog. Then before we know it Liviana will be part of the mix. I enjoy the outdoors just as much, especially when the weather is cooler, Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons!! We enjoy hiking at Griffith Park or Wilacre Park, the occasional trip to the Huntington Dog Beach or even a road trip down to San Diego to visit family. Even though Albi works most weekends, the time he does have off we try to take full advantage.

Anyways, I am way off topic this post is suppose to be about this morning’s breakfast. I decided to try a new recipe since it didn’t call for many ingredients. It’s a fairly simple Zucchini Pancake recipe that I found on soupbelly.comย Since I’m not the best at flipping pancakes I made mini pancakes. They turned out just as good and on the plus side are husband approved. Since I made these babiesย or breakfast I added cinnamon to the mixture. We topped these minis with strawberry jam and a side of avocado, delish! I could totally see myself making these as a side dish for dinner without the cinnamon of course. Try the recipe for yourself here.

Also, for those interested I included a link about the benefits of cinnamon, enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend.



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