So, I’ve been out of commission for the past few days. My allergies have been wreaking havoc on me and coughing is one of my pet-peeves. The weather in Los Angeles has been crazy, it can’t decide if it’s Fall or Summer, which reminds me of Texas. Each time I step outside the air quality makes me want run back inside and curl up on the couch. Now, I love being outdoors, especially walks with my husband and our dog Watson. But, I feel guilty for being sick, I do not like being helpless and unproductive. Anyone else feel this way when they’re under the weather? And on top of it all, I. feel. exhausted. Is this what being a mom is like?

Now I am 34 weeks pregnant and the time seems to creep. I’ve noticed that I am a bit more emotional because I can’t wait to meet our baby girl. I still have no idea what to expect, but I know this journey will be all worth it. I’ve always wanted to be a mom. It’s the one thing I knew I’d always become in my life, but I just didn’t know when…

I don’t like having to rely on over-the-counter mediations. So, I’ve been doing my best to get better with natural home remedies. Such as: drinking hot teas – ginger, peppermint and chamomile, eating ginger to ease my cough, using a humidifier at night, drinking plenty of liquids and consuming tons of vitamin C. Oh, and adding eucalyptus oil to my showers, it helps open your sinuses and makes the shower even more soothing. Thankfully, I still have an appetite, so that’s good.

This week I promise I will do my best to ease back into my routine, blogging and answering your emails. In the meantime, if you have any natural home remedy solutions to help with allergies while pregnant, I am all ears!

xoxo – vanessa



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