We had our last biweekly appointment with Claudia (our midwife) on Wednesday. Starting next week we will be seeing each other weekly until Liviana is here. Since we plan to have a home birth. Claudia will be paying us a home visit. She will conduct the appointment as usual if we were at the birth center. It helps the midwife get acquainted with our space and she’ll know what to expect the day of the birth.

Claudia also mentioned that she would help me prep a few things for the birth. Such as: stack swaddling blankets in a pillowcase with a heating pad. This will keep the blankets nice and warm for Liviana after she’s born. Also, she’ll help decide where we should place the birthing tub. Since we live in a one-bedroom apartment, the tub will most likely be setup in the middle of our living room. Plus, it’s near the kitchen. So, when I need something to fuel me during labor, it will be within someones arm’s reach.

At our appointment Wednesday, Claudia guided Albi around my bump, letting him know how Liviana is positioned and which parts were her back, butt, legs and feet. He was so amazed how he could run his fingers across my belly and feel her legs and her little feet. Liviana is in a head down position, she’s actually in perfect position for birth. Claudia even added that I had the perfect pelvis for labor… I know there’s the possibility of Liviana moving position, but I don’t see that happening. She’s been in the same position for a few months now. And she’s definitely starting to drop because I’m feeling the added pressure down there…

Since my last pregnancy update (32 weeks) I did some of the things that Maurie suggested. You can read about my last bump update here. I currently weigh 131 lbs, my blood pressure was 100/60 and my bump measured 34 cm. As for Liviana she’s doing great, her heart rate was normal at 120-130 bpm. Claudia even moved her to check if her heart rate increased with movement, which it did.

So, last week I finally met with a chiropractor and have pretty much been sleeping throughout the night. I still get the wake-up calls in the middle of the night to pee. Other than that, I have been able to fall back to sleep. Since my follow-up appointment on Thursday. My chiropractor suggested that I see him twice a week until the baby arrives. During this time he will align my pelvis and help alleviate my hip pain. Which he says should help ease some of the pain and take the pressure off my back during labor.

Also, I have been adding more protein to my diet. I’ll drink smoothies, eat a boiled egg for lunch, almonds, pistachios, yogurt, string cheese and I’m including some source of meat protein (turkey or chicken) in our dinners.

I can’t believe we have about 6 weeks left until Liviana is here! I look forward to being her mama and sharing precious moments with her. It’s charming to see Albi sing and talk to Liviana, it makes me fall more in love with him every time.



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