The home visit I had last week with my midwife went very well. It gave me an idea of how we all (Midwife, Doula, my mom, Albi, Watson and I) would fit in our little apartment. As for the birthing tub, it will have enough space in our living room and my husband and I will be able to fit inside together. Claudia and Johanna went over what accessoriesย we need to buy for the birth tub (hose, shower adapter, tub liner and tarp). If you’re planning to have a home water birth. You can find these items and more on the website called Your Water Birth. And I managed to find a 10% off coupon code thanks to Naturally Thrifty Mom.

During the first half of our appointments we sit and talk about how I’m feeling, has the baby been moving, and if we have any questions or concerns. I love how relaxed these appointments make me feel each time. I had mentioned that I was feeling a bit nervous about delivering the baby. But, Claudia reassured me in her calm voice that, “No matter what, babies come out. Your body and your baby are working together and they know what to do. Just listen to your body and you’ll know when to push and when to relax all on your own.” One big concern I have regarding birth is tearing…

But, again Claudia informed me that she’s only had maybe 3 patients tear in the 20 plus years she’s been a midwife. And informed me about the pushing method called Laboring Down. Which is the process of letting your body push without adding extra effort. Your body will slowly move the baby lower without you actively pushing. Then when you begin to feel pressure of the baby’s head on your perineum, you will begin to push with the contractions. This will decrease the amount of time you’ll need to actively push.

Had a mini picnic and watched the squirrels at the park last Friday.

So, after calming my nerves we proceeded with the exam in our bedroom. My blood pressure was still normal and Liviana’s heartbeat was the same as the week before (120s-130s bpm resting, 140s bpm active). The only odd thing was my bump measured 31 cm while I was 35 weeks pregnant. Every week up until last week my bump was equal to the amount of weeks I was pregnant. I wasn’t too concerned when Johanna (my doula) examined the baby and notice that she had dropped a lot since my last exam. But, then Johanna mentioned you never know, next week you might measure 38 cm. Besides that, baby has plenty of amniotic fluid, she’s active and her heartbeat is normal.

Wanted to share this precious moment Albi captured.

My next appointment is scheduled for this Wednesday. Don’t forget to check back for updates!



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