This year I plan to focus on listening to my authentic voice and stop comparing myself and life to others. Everyone has their own authentic voice that knows how you feel deep down. But, because we are controlled by society. We tend to shut out our authentic voice and comform to society. We let it dictate our thoughts and choices…

So, this year I will listen to my inner voice and do what I truly feel is right for me and my family. And I ask for everyone to be accepting of one-another and kind. Most importantly kind. Not just for the new year, make it part of your life. I think we forget that we are all the same…a human being. And that life is tough already, let’s not make it harder on oneself. Own your authentic self by listening to your authentic voice. “Because being normal sucks.” -Trevor Evans

May your new year be filled with an abundance of health, wealth, happiness and kindness. 


p.s. Here’s a great article called, “Why You Should Stop Caring About What Other People Think.” It’s a great read for starting off  this new year, enjoy!



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