Yesterday, a couple of things happened that was a big deal for us. Here goes:

  1. Liviana didn’t cry once while we were grocery shopping. I put her in her Lillebaby and she went right to sleep! Thank you Lucie for the recommendation, you’re an angel.
  2. Liviana slept all by herself during nap time. She’s defiantly a stomach sleeper and I would check on her throughout her nap. She did so good, I was very proud! But, felt sad at the same time. She didn’t need me…

While L napped, I got to enjoy some wine and eat a warm dinner at my own pace. After that I didn’t know what to do. So, I showered and crawled into bed to watch L sleep. Albi joined me and we engaged inΒ a whispering conversation and snuggles. It’s fun when you have to be quiet. You get to laugh so hard without noise until your tummy hurts. Laughing is the BEST with my best friend.



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