We’ve been experiencing more rain than usual here in Los Angeles. And I’m not complaining one bit. Being a Texan I absolutely love the rain, especially thunderstorms. I enjoy sitting on a screened-in porch listening to rain hit a tin roof. And maybe sipping on a glass of Pinot or a Stella…

Yesterday, the weather warmed up to about 72 degrees and the sun decided to show his face. So, Albi suggested that we have a lil family time at the park. We also got to hangout a bit with our second family. Albi threw the football around with his little brother that he sponsors. He’s been part of Big Brothers Big Sisters for 4 years now. It’s definitely been a joy to be a positive influence for a child. We look forward to more of our lil bro’s achievements.

Thanks to Liviana’s Nani for her love to capture every moment.πŸ’•



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