No, I’m not pregnant again. Which seems to be everyone’s first question nowadays…It wouldn’t be a bad thing. But, I just had one and I’d like to get to know her a bit more before I start poppping out another one.Anyways, I have some BIG news that I can finally share with my readers. Are ya ready for it? Okay, here goes…our family will be hittin’ the road on February 3rd to move back to Texas!! Yes, you read that right. We are moving to Texas!! Albi received an awesome job opportunity  as a videographer/producer and he’s stoked about it. We will be relocating to Houston. I’ll be closer to my sisters. And our parents will only be an hour and half drive away. Defiantly beats a 24 hour drive or 3 hour plane ride. When I found out I was pregnant it made more sense to be closer to family. Plus, the extra help is nice. 😊I will be documenting the road trip on my Instragram stories. So, if you’re interested follow me here! My older sister  Venice and our good friend Rick will be helping us drive. Also, any tips for road tripping with an infant is greatly appreciated. You can share those in the comment section down below. Here’s to a glorious new year so far, cheers!

xoxo, V


One thought on “GUESS WHAT?!

  1. That is awesome news. It will be great to have you all closer to home. I hope to get to meet your beautiful daughter soon. 😍



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