HAPPY VALENTINE’S EVERYONE!! So, we made it to Texas last week. I’ll post more about our road trip and traveling with an infant soon! In the meantime, enjoy these adorable photos of Livi. She’s three months old today! 

This little girl is an absolute hoot! I can’t get enough of her. Her daddy says, she’s my Valentine’s present πŸ™‚ Liviana is so animated as you’ll see in these photos. She loves to stick out her tongue. And is already arguing with her mommy. Yes, she still sleeps with us and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She is the happiest baby, but not a morning person…It takes her a few minutes to wake up. She starts with her morning stretches. Then she’s all smiles!

She tolerates tummy time longer now. And she’s rolling over on her own!!

We are staying with my older sister until we find a place. She stuck these Valentine hearts on Livi during our photoshoot, perfect little touch!

Then her cousin Mia joined in on the fun! Mia can’t get enough Livi time. πŸ’•

Remember to tell those you love how much they mean to you. Even if it’s just a hug or kiss. Those little gestures mean so much! Everyday should be spent letting your family and friends know you love them. And I love you all as well. Thank you for stopping by!!

xoxo, V



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