We had a great time while Albi’s mom was in town. She was a big help and Liv finally got to meet her Nani! Since the sun was out on her last day in Cali. We decided to show Miza where Albi and I got married. 

Three years ago we had a small wedding on the bluffs in Malibu. A few members of our family and close friends were able to join us in celebrating our relationship. It was a beautiful ceremony that I will always remember. We hadn’t been back since and this time we got to bring our newest addition in the family. 

Afterwards, we went to one of our favorite Japanese BBQ restaurants called Gyu-Kaku. Miza loved the food! My favorite are the garlic noodles. There are multiple locations in Los Angelss, but if you’re in the valley. I’d recommend the Burbank location. We normally would go to the one in Sherman Oaks, but the parking and the restaurant can get a bit cramped…

The day turned out to be one for the books. The weather was perfect, the food was delicious, the company was enjoyable and Liviana was a good girl! 

If you’re looking for a breathtaking wedding location. I highly recommmend Malibu Bluffs Park. We found the spot hiking and fell in love. Plus, it was free and you can’t beat that! 



While my husband was out of town on business. My brother-in-law was kind enough to check-in on me by asking if I needed anything or if I was hungry (knowing I’m pregnant and all). Plus, his wife is also expecting, so he understands. Anyways, he suggested pizza, which made me crave our favorite place nearby located in Burbank called Dino’s.

Their pizza dough has great texture and they have quality toppings. I love when you can eat the entire slice because the crust is even delicious! If you’re ever in Burbank, I highly recommend you stop by Dino’s. They are a local pizza joint that isn’t like those commercial places that stay open late. They are top-notch and make a great pizza, which is something that should be hard to mess up. But, with some of the other places we’ve tried in the past you’d be surprised… Stick with the best kid, you can’t go wrong.

I ordered a medium pizza, but my BIL went with a large instead…I chose to top it with mushrooms, applewood bacon, basil and ricotta cheese. It was so delicious, the ricotta was my favorite part!

Also, cheers to a caring family members!